baby deer Alex B.JPG
frog 2 from Sophie.JPGduck from Noah.JPG
moose from Sophie.JPG
blue lobster from Noah.JPG
WoodChipper Eli.jpg
Questionmarkcatepillar Eli.jpg
Skunk Eli.jpg
Mattea and Moose Mattea.jpg

Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
Please state which school is asking question.
Responses listed after each question.

WYES: We have frogs in Taiwan, too. What kind of frogs is it in Picture 2?
WYES: These animals look nice. Do you have any fierce animals?

Hi It is Emma and Andrew from North Star

1. Are the blue lobsrters vicious? Ben P
2. What type of frog is that? Matt
3. What breed are the deers? Harrison
4. Have you patted a reindeer before? Heidi
5 Where do you find blue lobsters? Emma

Mill Creek, Illinois
1. How do people react when they see wildlife like a moose in their yard?