Five photos to represent the topic

Our state bird the Cardinal
Fox. We live near the Fox River

The White Tail Deer is our state animal.

Illinois is one of the main states you will find coyotes in.
Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
Please state which school is asking question.
Responses listed after each question.

WYES: Where do the Fox and Coyote live in winter?
They live in dens that they make. These are their homes often in holes in the forest.

WYES: Who feeds the animals?

The animals hunt for their own food in nature.

Hi It is Emma and Andrew from North Star, thanks for your pictures, you have very different animals to us. Here are our questions:

1. What breed is the swan? Will
We think it's a mute swan, but we are not sure.

2. How vicious are the Coyotes? Ben P
Well, they aren't very vicious but they are carnivores. If you live near the woods, you must watch your pets carefully and not leave them outside alone. They do not know the difference between prey and our pets.

3.How big is a racoon's head? Henry
It's about the size of a bay's head.

4.How often do you get white tail deer in your playground? Ben O
We never get deer on the playground, but we have many in the forests near by. They are shy of people, but we still see them.