This is a list of possible activities for classroom use during the project. Please add to it.

Global Education Conference session about Using Data to Make Sense of the World:


Great site with lots of information, activities and teacher resources for learning about the interrelatedness between climate and our environment

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Create graphs or charts to analyze data.

Find mean, range, medium, and mode

Draw conclusions based on data, location and landforms

Create a bulletin board with changing pictures, information and data.
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Write blog or journal entries to compare and contrast information. i_love_blogging1.jpeg
Upper grade writing:
Direct questions to discuss or write about after comparing the data, photos, questions and answers:
1. What differences do you observe? Pick one to investigate.
2. What do you infer from the difference?
3. Research the context of the difference within that culture.
4. How has that changed your understanding of your observation?
5. Complete a project demonstrating your findings