Using Data to Make Sense of the World

Project Description:

Using a monthly collection of data by each school in various locations around the world (temperature, daylight, precipitation), we will discuss topics such as: landforms, plants, animals, food, celebrations, jobs and transportation in relationship to the data and to questions and answers between schools.

Essential Questions Which Will Be Answered:

  1. What contributes to differences around the world and how?
  2. How does our judgment of differences contribute to misunderstanding?
  3. How can knowing the context of difference help us understand each other better?
  4. How does collecting and analyzing data help us understand this?

Class participation would include:

1. Collect monthly data in your area on temperature, precipitation, and daylight
2. Investigate one joint topic per month such as: landforms, animals, plants, food, celebration, transportation by posting 5 photos to represent the topic in your area.
3. Review all posted photos with your class and ask one question of each participating school.
4. Review answers given and explore learning in your classroom.

Country, School and Teacher

School Logo

Time stamp using Word

Class or school photo

Geneva, IL USA
Mill Creek School
Donna Román

Juneau, AK USA
Juneau Community Charter School
Maura Selenak

Fredericton, NB Canada
Kingsclear Consolidated School
Matt McGuire
KCS logo.png

Wen Ya Elementary School
Chia Yi City, Taiwan
Ruth Hou

Ruth 2.jpegRuth 1.jpeg
St Joseph's National School (Scoil Iosaif Naofa)
Kinvara, Co Galway
Máire O’Keefe
Irish school.jpg

Irish school.jpeg
North Star Public Schools
North Star, Australia
Michael Sky

Costa Rica
Vivian Román

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St. Monica's Primary School
Wodonga, Australia
Ann McDonald