Five photos to represent the topic

Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
Please state which school is asking question.
Responses listed after each question.

Hi this is 5th class in St. Joseph's Primary School in Kinvara, Galway Ireland (finally!)
Picture 1
what is the name of the island in the background. We think it looks like the island from Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows
Picture 2
What is floating on the water? We are wondering if it is some kind of twigs?
Picture 3
Are these mountains and are you able to go skiing on them?
Picture 4
Is this a glacier closeup and can you walk on it?
Picture 5
We can see lots of ice but also lots of water. How come the water is not frozen as well?
Picture 6
What are the plants growing on the right hand side of the picture and is there many plants growing in this landscape?

Hi, this is MCS in Illinois, we are wondering

what the kids are digging for in the first picture.


Every spring our school district has Sea Week, a time when classrooms go out to beaches all around Juneau and explore. The students in the picture are looking at Sea Stars and are collecting small animals from tide pools.

Hi, this is North Star PS in NSW Australia, these are great photographs, thanks so much for sharing. Your landforms look so different to where we live. We have some questions for you:
- What is the distance of the glacier and how long would it take to climb to the top? (Matt and Emma)
The glacier is named Mendenhall Glacier, and it takes about two hours to hike to it. If you want to walk on the ice, you need to wear special shoes called crampons.
- Does the ground in the second picture always look like that? (Heidi)
The second photo was taken in the wetlands. It does not always look like that- the picture was taken in the winter when it was cold/
- How cold is it there? (Ben)
The temperature varies between about 40 degrees F and 60 degrees F all year long, though sometimes it is colder and sometimes it is warmer. It is very, very rainy here.
- Why is the glacier shaped like it is rather than being smooth like water? (Harrison)
The glacier calves, which means that pieces of it fall off and into the water. Here is a link to an article about how glaciers are formed:

Questions from Kingsclear Consolidated School:
Picture 1:
In the first picture, are the kids looking at barnacles?

Picture 2:
Is the land flooded with water?

Picture 3:
Is there a name for the mountains in the third picture? (Mattea)

Picture 4:
In the 4th picture, what is the gray stuff? Are they huge rocks or ice or a giant ice blanket?

Picture 5:
Does the water in picture 5 lead to the ocean?

Picture 6:
Where are the people in the 6th picture walking to?