Five photos to represent the topic


Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
Please state which school is asking question.
Responses listed after each question.

Mill Creek school from Geneva IL asks:
1. What is your biggest rainforest, and where is it located in Costa Rica?
2. How are the large cities in Costa Rica compare to the large cities in other places in the world you have been?
We have many big rainforests, but the largest is we think is Osa. It is a penisula and we put a link here:

Hi, this is North Star PS in NSW Australia, we really like your photos, particularly the volcano. That was really cool, here are some questions:

1) Did you actually take the photo of the erupting volcano?
You can see it from a long distance so it is easy to take a picture
2) How often does the volcano erupt and how many volcanoes are there?
There is one that is always erupting a little, but the other ones we have never seen for many years.
3) How clear is the water at the beach?
The water is very clear most of the time. At some times of the year it can be a redish color from some algea, or cloudy from the rainy season, but mostly it's clear.
4) How hot does it get?
By the beach is is very hot! In San Jose, and in the mountians it is cooler and we have to wear a jacket some times.
Can you tell us more about that waterfall? -Juneau Community Charter School
The waterfall is at a pretty park, ad we heard that your teacher, Ms. Selenak was there once!

Hi, this is St Monica's School in Victoria, Australia. Thanks for sharing your photos.
1) Is the volcano dangerous to be near? How close can you get to it? Does it spill lava down the side of it?
2) What type of trees are in the last picture? They look a bit like roses but they aren't the right shape for them. Is this someone's garden?
3) Are the pictures of the waterfalls all the same waterfall? What does the water from the waterfall run in to?

Questions from Kingsclear Consolidated School:

Picture 1:
What is the name of the beach in the picture?
Manuel Antonio. There are 3 beaches in that National Park.
Picture 2:
Why is the bottom of the waterfall white, while the other is dark? How long is the waterfall and do people swim there?
The white is where the water is spraying and all shaken up. The black is where it is calmer by the rocks.
Picture 3:
How tall is the volcano in this picture?

Picture 4:
Why do the tops of the trees look like clouds?
That is called a cloud forest. Like a rain forest, but it is so high that the mountain top is almost always in the clouds.
Picture 5:
In the winter, does the water freeze on the waterfall?
No, it never freezes here. It never snows either.
Picture 6:
Do you know the types of flowers in this picture?
There are so many millions of flowers here, and no one here knows the name of that one.