Five photos to represent the topic



fox river.jpg


Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
Please state which school is asking question.
Responses listed after each question.

Hi, this is North Star PS in NSW Australia. Thanks for your photos, they remind us a little bit of where we live. We have some questions:

1) What crops do you grow in your area? (everybody)
2) Are there any fish in the river, if so what sort? (James)
3) Where is the river situated, is it a park or someone's backyard? (Heidi)
4) Does the river have a name? (Emma)
5) Do you get many snakes, because we get lots? (Jackson)

Hi, this is Mill Creek School in Illinois, USA.
1) We grow mainly corn, soy beans, and wheat in our state. We had a drought in our state this summer and many of the crops failed.
2) Yes, we have lots of fish. Bass, Bluegill, Carp and Catfish are the main fish in rivers here. Lake Michigan is close by, and that has many other types of fish. People like to fish in the river and the lake.
3) The river runs through our entire city and goes through Wisconsin and Illinois.
4) The river is the Fox River
5) Yes, we do have snakes, but they are generally not harmful and we don't see them often.

Do people ever swim or boat in the river? -Juneau Community Charter School

No swimming, but people fish and boat in the river. It is shallow, so only small boats like kyaks and canoes work. Some people use jet skis.

Hi, this is St Monica's in Wodonga, Australia.
1) Do you also farm cows or sheep on your farms?
We do have cows, dairy and beef but no sheep.
2) When the crops fail, what effect does this have?
We had a drought this year, there is a pork and bacon shortage due to it. Also, prices have gone up for some food at the grocery store.
3) In the last picture is this a man made water area or natural?
That is man-made. It is a retention pond to gather extra rain water.

Questions from Kingsclear Consolidated School:

Picture 1:
Is that a corn field or a wheat field?
The top one is corn, the bottom is wheat.
Picture 2:
Why is your wheat red and ours isn’t?
We think it's just the picture, our wheat is golden tan.
Picture 3:
We were wondering what the river was called but we see that you have answered it above - thanks!

Picture 4:
What is the job of the windmill on this land? Is that someone’s property?
It is someone's farm land. We think the windmill is just for decoration.