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north star nsw - Google Maps.png
North Star is a small, isolated rural village in Northern NSW, Australia

We are surrounded by farms that grow a variety of crops depending on the time of year

Camping trip at the billabong 009.jpg
Water is an important resource, though it is not great when it floods as we can't get to school

An interesting rock formation

Looking out over the landscape on a moonlit night

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Mill Creek school in Illinois USA asks:1. How far away is your nearest town, and how big is it? How far away is the nearest large city? Hi, Mill Crk School, thanks for your questions.
1) Our nearest town is 50km away. It is called Goondiwindi. It has a population of about 6000 people.
2) Our closet capital is Brisbane which is almost 500 kms away. It takes us about 5 hrs to drive there. Sydney is over 700kms away and it takes forever to get there! There are closer cities to us though. Toowoomba, Tamworth and Armidale are about 3 hrs drive with populations between 50 000 and 120 000.
Thank you for your answers!

How many people live in your town, and how many students attend your school? -Juneau Community Charter School
Hi Juneau Community Charter School, thanks for your question. Only about 40 - 50 people live in the town of Nth Star. We also have a lot of farms around us so that might double the population we think.

This is St Monica's in Wodonga, Australia
How big are the farms in your area? What types of crops do they grow?
We have a range of farm sizes, some of the smaller ones are around 3 and a half thousand acres, while the bigger ones are around 30 000 acres. We grow a variety of crops including cotton, durum, canola, wheat, barley, sorghum, chick peas and others.

Questions from Kingsclear Consolidated School:

Picture 1:
How big is the North Star Australia?
North Star has only about 40 - 50 people living in it while we only have 7 streets in the entire town!

Picture 2:
Is that grass or wheat in picture 2?
That is a picture of canola.

Picture 3:
How long does the river go and are there sharks or jelly fish in the water?
That section of water is about 150m long, though not all of the creek has water all the time. It feeds into another bigger creek. No, there are no sharks or jelly fish, they are coastal animals and we live too far inland. There are yabbies and maybe some frogs.
Picture 4:
Did people carve those rocks into faces? Do people go on hikes on the rocks?
No, they have just been eroded naturally. Yes people hike on the rocks and they also jump off them into the water.

Picture 5:
Why is the moon oval? (Paige)

Because we stretched it when we pasted it in the wiki.