Five photos to represent the topic
Wen Ya Elementary School is between the mountain and the plain.

We usually walk down the stairs to the sports field at school.
Our sports field at school is down the hill.

Taiwan is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.
There are many small islands close to us.
It takes 4 hours to reach the plain in the picture from my city.

Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
Please state which school is asking question.
Responses listed after each question.
Mill Creek school in Illinois asks:
1. How far away are you from the equator?
WYES: The Tropic of Cancer goes through my city. The distance between Taiwan and Equator is about 4000 km.
2. Do you have vocanoes in your country, and if so, can you tell us about them?
WYES: We have vocanoes in Taiwan but all of them are sleeping at the moment. Maybe because of the long sleep, we have
many good places for hot springs. Fall and winter are good time for hot spring bath.

Hi, from North Star PS in NSW Australia. Thanks for posting your pics and we would like to ask some questions:
1) How high is the school up? (Matt)
WYES: 30 meters tall.
2) What are the buildings behind the basketball courts? (Will)
WYES:They are some apartments.
3) How tall are the mountains in your area? (Emma)
WYES: 2200 to 2500 meters tall.
What kinds of sports do students play on those fields? -Juneau Community Charter School
WYES: We like to play basketball, dodge ball and T ball.
Hi, from St Monica's in Wodonga, Australia.
What types of trees do you have in your school yard?
WYES: Flame Gold Rain Trees and Formosan Sweet Gum Trees

Questions from Kingsclear Consolidated School:
Picture 1:
Do you live in the North? How cold does it get in your city?
WYES: We live in the south of Taiwan. The temperature can be as low as 8-9 degree Celsius in winter.
Picture 2:
How does your school afford all those beautiful fields and equipment?
WYES:Chiayi City Government subsidized us.
Picture 3:
Is that a hotel in the background? How big is the field? Is it a baseball field?
WYES:No,its not.'It is an apartment.
Picture 4:
Does it snow in Taiwan?
WYES:Yes,it is. But only at the top of the highest Mt. Jade.