Five photos to represent the topic

huon hill.jpg
Huon Hill
Falls Creek Snow Fields

Murray River
Murray River

Hume Weir

Questions about the topic after looking at the photos (1 per school).
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Hi, this is MCS in Illlinois. We have questions about the Murray River. How long is it, why does it look so muddy and does it flow into the Hume Weir?

The length of the Murray River is 2560 kilometres. 2185 kilometres of the river is below Albury. This river divides the Albury, which is in the state of New South Wales, and Wodonga, which is in Victoria.We aren't sure why it looks muddy and brown. We will investigate this question further and ask some experts when we get back from our term break.

Hi from North Star PS in NSW. We have a couple of questions about your pictures:
- How far are you from the snow fields? (Will)
We are about 120 km from our closest snow fields.
- How much water does the Dam hold? (Harrison)'
When the Hume Weir is at 100% capacity it can hold 3,036,500 megalitres of water. The Hume Weir is a man made lake and stores water that is needed for irrigation. The Murray River supplies some of the water to the Hume Weir. Below the dam wall in the last picture is the Murray River.

Can you tell us more about that body of water in the final picture? -Juneau Community Charter School
Information about the Hume Weir can be found on this link
Our teacher, Mrs McDonald lived in the town that had to move to another place when the Hume Weir was being built. She lived in New Tallangatta but her parents used to live in Old Tallangatta. Old Tallangatta is now under water. They moved the houses using big trucks over fifty years ago.

Questions from Kingsclear Consolidated School:

Picture 1:
How would you get up on to the lookout?

Picture 2:
Is that farmland in the 2nd picture? If it is, what grows there? Why is there a fence in picture 2?

Picture 3:
Are there crocodiles that live there? Why are the trees bent close to the water? Is that tree knocked down in picture 3

Picture 5:
How long is the bridge in the picture?

Questions from Wen Ya Elementary:

Picture 1:
How tall is there?

Picture 2:
Is there any sheep?

Picture 3:
Why does there has many trees?

Picture 4:
Is there a rain forest?

Picture 5:
How big is there? Is there a reservoir?